This is a perfect cycling experience on the trails of Taygetus and the streets of Kalamata, by Basement Bike Shop.

By using the bicycle as a means of transport, you can safely discover the hidden beauties of the city and get in touch with the culture and the people of the place.

Enjoy Kalamata city through its bike paths and viewpoints that certainly by car you will skip. Organize your bike excursions around Kalamata region and combine mountain views and beautiful beaches.

City Bikes - 8€ / day

Mountain Bikes - 14€ / day

Road Bikes - 25€ / day

Bike tours in the city with two different tours:

Α. Sweet & Coffee Bike Tour
Discover the city of Kalamata, the people and the culture with rides that embraces the best of our area. During our city bike tour we will explore the main points of interest, the local people and the culture of the city & also a local shop to taste coffee and local sweets.
   -Duration 3-4 hours
       Βike guides
       Sweet and coffee treats
   - Price: 35 € / person

Β. Olive Oil Bike Tour
Explore the extra virgin Messenia olive oil and the local olive fields with a themed bike tour in the city of Kalamata. You will have the opportunity to see an olive oil mill, olive fields, visit the local market and the Institute of Kalamata’s oil, to finish the tour with a traditional olive oil tasting.
   -Duration 3-4 hours
       Βike guides
       Traditional Messenia treats with olive oil tasting
   - Price: 50 € / person

C. Urban Gastro Bike Tour
Ride through Kalamata and surroundings, visit the main points of interest of the city and taste the local cuisine. We will ride through the city and the beach to the fields & local farms. The tour ends with a visit to a local taverna & a delicious Mediterranean meal with traditional products of Messenia land.
   -Duration 3-4 hours
       Βike guides
       Traditional Messenia food
   - Price: 65 € / person


Forest riding in the heart of Taygetos mountain with experienced mountain bike guides.

Number of alternative routes to suit the abilities and physical condition of the participants. See, for instance:

Starting from Touristiko, following gravel roads in a easy cycle ride.
  -Duration: 3 hours
  -Price: 80 € / person

An easy cycle ride on north Taygetos appropriate for every rider.
  -Duration: 5 hours
  -Price: 100 € / person

A route that starts from the central Taygetos with a path to the sea, which includes the old path parallel to the Ridomo gorge and forest roads ending at the magnificent Santava beach.
  -Duration: 4 hours
  -Price: 120 € / person

Excursions are also organized in the wider region of Messinia. Ask us for more details.


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