"Carnivalists are the protagonists", with this motto every year the Carnival of Kalamata will make its official launch, with a festive celebration in the square of 23th of March. The city of Kalamata enters the rhythm of carnival with a full program of event, concerts and games.

For almost 3 weeks, usualy from mid of February till the first days of March the city of Kalamata has a big fest that ends with a big pary that take place in the Central Square, with the daily parade of carnival crews and tanks. The main streets of the city become the dance stage for the carnivalists.

At the same time a children's carnival is organized, dedicated to a different theme every year The children's carnival will include a variety of games and activities for the children and will conclude with the children's carnival parade on Aristomenous Pedestrian Street.

Another innovation of Kalamata's Carnival is the "Carnival Village". This is the Carnival Crew Costume Showcase which is located in the central square of Kalamata, and is open daily from 18:00 to 21:00.