Enjoy our Mediterranean Sea and swim in crystal clear water. There is a variety of dreamy and beautiful beaches to choose from, where visitors can relax, swim and enjoy the Greek sun.

Some of the best beaches in Messinia that you should definitely visit (noted the distance from Kalamata Mediterranean Villas):

East of Kalamata:

Kalamata's main beach [1 km]

The 4 km length with marvelous water beach of Kalamata is a perfect and very easy destination.



Almyros [6 km]

Crystal clear water and multiple beach bars for your cocktail, coffee, branch, etc.


Mikra Mantineia [8 km]

Rocky beach with very clean water and fish restaurants by the shore.


Santova [14 km]

One of the best sandy beaches in the area of Kalamata with a lot of beach-bars, ideal for youth.



Kitries [17 km]

Kitries is a tranquil small fishing village, with excellent taverns. Enjoy fresh fish dishes and relax by the beach at this picturesque village.



Ritsa - Kardamyli Beach [37 km]

The main beach in Kardamyli, Ritsa, is a long pebbly beach with some shade and there are tavernas both at the beginning of the beach and at the far end. Even in the height of summer it does not feel too crowded.


Beach of Foneas [40 km]

The beach of Foneas is the most favorite of the less known beaches of Western Mani, as it is well "hidden" at the end of a path between the trees. It is untouched by tourism, basically unorganized (with only one canteen with tables during the summer months) and it has white pebbles and turquoise waters. The characteristic of beach of Foneas is a large rock separating it into two parts and offers natural shade.



Kalogria Beach – Stoupa [43 km]

An organized shallow beach of superb pale golden sand, backed by tamarisk trees, it can get very busy at weekends in summer with lots of volleyball and bat/ball enthusiasts. There are three tavernas and two bars down on the beach. Parking can be a bit hectic at weekends in the height of summer.



West of Kalamata:

Western Beach of Kalamata [5 km]

If you prefer less people and more nature, this is your best option near Kalamata.


Bouka [15 km]

The beach of Bouka is one of the largest and best organized beaches of the Messinian Bay. It is recommended to visit the beach in the morning hours due to the waves which created after noon.


Analipsi [18 km]

The beach of Analipsi is a favorite destination, a place of restlessness and relaxation for the visitors of the area and the locals, who enjoy their diving in the deep blue waters of the Messinian Gulf. It is recommended to visit the beach in the morning hours due to the waves which created after noon.


Chranoi Beach [39 km]

The beach of Chranoi is located in the homonymous area of the Messinian Bay and is 39 km away from Kalamata. The coast, that is one kilometer long, is full of sand and small pebbles, but the seabed is sandy.



Peroulia [51 km]

One of Messinia's real coastal wonder is the ‘exotic’ beach of Peroulia. The olive groves cover the fertilized ground, greenery creep up the small cliffs, the sun play with the sea colors and the smooth golden sand taking off this imaginary scenery.



Romanos Beach [56 km]

Romanos beach is located near the village of western Messinia. Locals call it also Glyfadaki. It is a long beach with views to the Ionian Sea and fine sand. In fact, they are many small beaches, one next to another. Romanos beach is visited by a lot of people during the summer months, while on it is built the largest hotel complex in the Mediterranean. It is recommended to visit the beach in the morning hours due to the waves which created after noon.



Foinikounda [63 km]

The sandy beach is spreading along the gulf. It is ideal for summer holidaymakers who enjoy quick dips into crystal-clear waters. It is convenient for families with small children and for anyone who chooses to have everything in a close distance!



Voidokoilia Beach [60 km]

Voidokoilia Beach, Bay, Curve or Cove is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but maybe also in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Conte Nast Traveller is in the top ten beaches of Europe. The sheltered bay is referred to in Homer's Odyssey and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a port in ancient times.



Glossa Beach [60 km]

Sphacteria is a small island located at the entrance to the bay of Pylos (Navarino Bay). In ancient times it was the site of the Battle of Sphacteria in the Peloponnesian war. While exploring Messinia, do not miss Glossa beach on Sphacteria offering crystal clear turquoise waters.


Lagkouvardos Beach [70 km]

Lagkouvardos beach (Krystalopigi) nestles in a beautiful crescent shaped long and wide bay set against a background of pine trees, tamarisks (salt cedar) and bushes. The "Kokkina Patera" canyon ends up on Lagkouvardos beach. The river which flows through the canyon is created by the union of three other rivers at a point near the beach. It is recommended to visit the beach in the morning hours due to the waves which created after noon. A feature that makes her a favorite part of Surfer Surfer.