Our Pools

In our selected villas you will find the private pools of Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas for special moments of relaxation.

The villas with swimming pool are: The Mansion, Thalias Quarters, City Cottage & Garden Cellar.

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Our mini Pool Spa - Jacuzzi

The luxurious mini pool spa in the garden of Villa Linas Home is a unique supply for our guests. 

It is a free, mental and physical relaxation amenity, when renting villa Linas Home or the entire villa Country Home.

The specially designed pool at villa Garden Cellar offers therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy with heated water for extra wellness and relaxation.

It is a free amenity, when renting villa Garden Cellar or the entire villa City Cottage.

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Our 4 Hammams

An also excellent free supply of Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas is the private hamam, a special luxury of wellness, hygiene and relaxation for our guests.

Hammam (steam bath) is an amenity of Thalias Quarters, Garden Cellar, Linas Home, Tinas Home, The Mansion, City Cottage & Country Home.