When can I check in and what time do I have to check out?

  Check-in is from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Check out until 12:00 am.

  Is there an option for late arrival after 9:00 pm?

  Yes there is a possibility to arrive after 9:00 pm, with an additional fee of 30 €. For arrival after 12:00 pm the extra charge is 50 €. 

  Is there an option for early check in ?

  Yes, there is an option for early arrival if the villa is available, upon request from the afternoon of the previous arrival. Guaranteed early arrival only by paying the day before.

  Is it possible to self-check in?

  Yes, there is the possibility for check in without physical presence.

  Is there an option for late check-out after 12:00 am?

  Yes, there is a possibility of late departure if the villa is available upon request. . Guaranteed late check-out only by paying the day after.

  Are there child seats / baby cradle & crib available?

  Yes, please let us know your needs when booking.

  Is it possible to add extra beds to the villas?

  Yes there is a possibility, with a maximum number of people, the corresponding number given in each villa. Please let us know your needs when booking.

  Is there a washing machine/laundry in the villas?

  All villas have a washing machine/laundry. 

  Are pets allowed in the Villas?

  Pets are allowed only by arrangement, at an additional cost of € 30 per stay.

  Is there parking space in the villas?

  There is space for free parking, just outside each villa.

  Can you suggest restaurants/bars in the area?

  Your dining choices in Messinia are endless. More information here.

  Can you suggest us Sights & Points of Interest in the area?

  Check our recommendations for Kalamata, Messinia & the Peloponnese. In addition, you can see Events of our Region in the Cultural Agenda.

  Can you suggest beaches in the area?

  Messinia has a variety of dreamy beaches with crystal clear waters. More information here.

  Can you rent a car?

  Kalamata Mediterrranean Villas cooperate with two car rental companies. More information here.

  Is it possible to pick up from the Airport?

  Kalamata Mediterranean Villas collaborate with professional TAXI drivers to pick up our visitors from Kalamata's Airport or Athens Airport. More information here

  Is it possible to rent bicycles?

  Kalamata Mediterrranean Villas collaborate with the best bicycle rental company in the area. More information.