About us, Kalamata and the region of Messinia

For another year, for ten days, from July 12 to 21, 2024, leading Greek and foreign artists present their work to all the citizens of the city and its art-loving visitors.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kalamata and the Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas to experience together an important Art event, the 30th Kalamata International Dance Festival.

Στολισμός στο καρναβάλι της Καλαμάτα

For 11 years, the Municipality of Kalamata has been successfully organizing the carnival of Kalamata, which brings together residents and visitors from all over Greece, who want to enjoy a unique experience full of joy, dance, music and traditional flavors.

A new luxury accommodation proposal by Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas in Kalamata upgrades the quality of the tourism industry of the city and "increases the desire" for luxury urban accommodation of high standards in the capital of Messinia.

The new five-storey accommodation building "Evripidou 7 - Kalamata Mediterranean Suites" is the new addition to the already successful Kalamata Mediterranean Villas offering luxury villas with swimming pools, jacuzzi, gardens and other quality amenities for accommodation in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Kalamata.

From our proceeds for each stay at Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas, we allocate one euro to the globally recognized Greek NGO we4all and we entrust it with the planting of 1 tree and its care for 3 years, until it is fully grown.

Kalamata took the 5th place worldwide and the 1st place compared to the other cities of Greece, for the best global destinations for a scenic drive. The survey was conducted by the well-known car rental price comparison platform DiscoverCars.com.

Στολισμός στο καρναβάλι της Καλαμάτα

The 10th Carnival of Kalamata, after the necessary interruption due to the pandemic, will welcome the carnivalists at its official opening, with a festive celebration at the 23rd of March Square (Historical Centre of Kalamata) on Friday, February 10, 2023 with a concert by the band "The Swingin' Cats".

The Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are luxurious 5-star villas in the city of Kalamata, designed with a focus on people and the goal of a comfortable and maximally pleasant stay for the guest in them. They were designed & reconstructed, with special respect for the micro-environment and their operation based exclusively on "green energy". They were built with the most modern materials and the most advanced systems, the required luxury of everyday life and always with absolute commitment to the maximum satisfaction of the visitor. They thus offer a unique combination of advantages, the comfort of a luxury hotel and the privacy of a residence. They have a number of facilities such as heated swimming pools, hammam, jacuzzi, gardens, etc.

Next, we will present a parameter that we consider fundamental for visitor satisfaction. The thermal comfort conditions, based on pre-selected settings made to achieve them, which prevail within the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas throughout the year.

On December 1st, the Christmas season officially began for the city of Kalamata, with numerous events, Santa Claus' Christmas Station in the Railway Park, Christmas tree lightings and the most magical atmosphere for this year's Christmas and New Year's Eve. 

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, from the beginning of their operation, have set as a priority to offer moments of relaxation, comfort and simple luxury as a place which at its center are the people!

For the past 28 years, the Kalamata International Dance Festival has been hosting the biggest dancers, choreographers and creators of the world contemporary dance scene in the capital of Messinia, Kalamata. So this year for ten days, from 15 to 24 of July 2022, leading Greek and foreign artists would lead the residents and the art lovers from all over the world, to dancing journeys through music, colours and scenes of beauty. 

With the title "Ode to Beauty", this year's program includes 26 productions, 14 foreign teams from 10 countries and 12 teams from Greece, 2 world premieres, 6 side events, an intensive professional training program, as well as a program of dance and movement workshops for different ages and population groups.


Situated at the attractive town Kalamata in Messinia, Kalamata Mediterranean Villas upholds the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility through all development stages from construction to operation.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, in order to upgrade the services they offer to their guests, with a focus on creating moments of relaxation, comfort and luxurious accomodation for people who want to visit Kalamata, have created two state-of-the-art heated swimming pools. Swimming pools are available for rent at Mansion, Thalias Quarters, City Cottage & Garden Cellar. In addition, Country Home and Linas Home villas now feature a modern mini pool spa.

Kalamata is the greenest Greek city - with a population of over 50,000-  according to the European Environment Agency report on "Who benefits from green in cities?" "Social inequalities in access to urban green areas in the European Union."

The report includes cities of 38 European countries, which were measured using images from the European satellite "Copernicus". The results showed the percentage of the area of cities seen from above green because of the trees.

Digital nomads are people who engaged in remote work, from anywhere in the world. Most of them work in a wide variety of "creative" professions such as fashion, arts, web design, writing, marketing, etc.
If you work this way, or even if you can adjust your work for a short period of time, you will find many reasons to choose Kalamata and make it the office of your choice.

Holidays or work; And why not all together? Find out what Kalamata has to offer when you work on the go.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas since the beginning of their operation have set as a priority the implementation of sustainability practices, in order to reduce the environmental impact, but also to enhance the social impact. The operation of all accommodation is based solely on "green energy", so as to leave a minimal energy footprint in the environment.

Booking.com, the largest online travel agency for lodging reservations, has given us its new "Sustainable Travel" logo for all the villas of the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas complex.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas have been certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard from the beginning of their operation. The certificate was recently renewed for another three years. This certification by the internationally recognized body TUV AUSTRIA, highlights the commitment to quality throughout the operation of the company.

Messinia is one of the most beautiful prefectures in Greece. From its cosmopolitan capital Kalamata to the coastal areas of Pylo, Methoni and Koroni, with its majestic castles and enchanting landscapes, Messinia offers visitors intense emotions. Surely, those who have the opportunity to know the area are certain that they will return soon.

At a distance of 2.5 hours from Athens by car, you may enjoy a dream getaway to a very promising tourist destination of Greece, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Kalamata city.

Kalamata is a safe destination with very few Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Also, it is the city where 13 kilometers of beach of various types. In addition, Kalamata has the unique privilege of having clear water just a few meters from its port. 

There are many beaches that will awaken your senses but also your need for exploration and tours. You should not miss the opportunity to visit:

1st "Peloponnese beer festival - only craft" is coming in August at the West Beach Park of Kalamata (Traffic Education).

It will be the first time that a Craft Beer Festival will take place in the Peloponnese. 30 Brewers from all over the Peloponnese and Greece will participate with more than 200 labels of handmade beer.

The natural beauty of Kalamata enchants its visitors, especially during the summer months, who have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters on the extensive beach of the city 4 km length.

For those of more romantic bent, the sunsets that you can enjoy from different parts of the city are really beautiful, since the sun dives in the Ionian Sea and you have the opportunity to notice how the colors change during the West.

If you are in holiday mood or preparing for summer excursions, the photos below will convince you to enjoy the kingdom of the sun from the capital of Messinia.