About us, Kalamata and the region of Messinia

Family in the garden of the Kalamata Mediterranean Vilas

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, designed to offer moments of relaxation, comfort and luxury to people who have family & friends as the most important factor in creating the perfect holiday.

26th Kalamata International Dance Festival is still on, with new dates! With the safety of the artists and the spectators in mind, but without losing its character, it will take place for another year with world known and emerging artists of the international dance scene from the 21st to the 30th of August 2020.

Flowers on the bride carefully

Preparing for your dream wedding?

At Kalamata Mediterranean Villas we understand that the time for your wedding preparations is precious and the stress to satisfy your guests can be a huge factor.

The ideal accommodation for your relatives, who will visit Kalamata or other areas of Messinia for your wedding, should combine the comfort and warmth of a home as well as the flexibility and privacy of a hotel in the downtown area.

The complex of Kalamata Mediterranean Villas is the ideal solution, since it is a really great "wedding hotel" for the hospitality of your loved ones.

Το Διεθνές Jazz Φεστιβάλ της Καρδαμύλης έχει αναδειχθεί σε ένα ξεχωριστό “πολύχρωμο” φεστιβάλ που γεμίζει την Μάνη και τους επισκέπτες της με νότες και χαμόγελα κάθε άνοιξη τα τελευταία έξι χρόνια! Φέτος θα διεξαχθεί από τις 8 έως τις 16 Μαίου.

Πρόκειται για μία ιδέα Νορβηγών μουσικών, της ομάδας Sarpsborg Jazz Club Norway, που γοητεύτηκαν τόσο πολύ με την Καρδαμύλη και τις ομορφιές αυτό του μικρού χωριού της Μεσσηνιακής Μάνης, που δημιούργησαν έναν θεσμό και δική μας πλέον αγαπημένη συνήθεια, αλλά και αφορμή για να επισκεφθούμε την Καρδαμύλη και να αφεθούμε στους ρυθμούς της τζαζ.

Τα τελευταία 6 χρόνια, κάθε Άνοιξη πραγματοποιούνται περίπου 50 δωρεάν συναυλίες σε 30 διαφορετικά σημεία από το Παλιό Σχολείο μέχρι πλατείες, παραλίες, καφετέριες, μπαρ και εστιατόρια της περιοχής.

The new summer season for Kalamata Airport includes new flights to 33 European cities and Israel's Tel Aviv. In particular, so far 24 regular commercial routes to 23 European cities and Tel Aviv and 9 charter flights have been scheduled. For the first time, there will be regular flights to Venice, Bologna and Gdansk, while flights to Birmingham and Sofia will be suspended. For the first time, there will be charter flights from Bratislava and Biloud (Denmark). There will also be charter flights from Prague, Budapest, Katowice, Oslo, Bucharest and Innsbruck.

In detail, the cities abroad that will be connected with regular flights to Kalamata are:

Decoration at the carnival of Kalamata

"Carnivalists are the protagonists", with this motto 8th Carnival of Kalamata will make its official launch, with a festive celebration in the square of 23th of March, on Friday 14 of February 2020. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the opening ceremony will have as a main theme, the celebration of lovers!

Poster for 6th International Peloponnese Documentary Festival

The Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival is recommended to the public for the 6th consecutive year on Friday, January 17, 2020 with documentaries, tributes, parallel events, educational zones, seminars and masterclasses and the theme of this year's festival is “Human and Environment" "Man and the Environment."

This is the largest documentary festival in Greece, with Kalamata as the epicenter while part of the program will be presented in 8 other cities of the Peloponnese: Patra, Githio, Argos, Tripoli, Sparti, Dimitsana, Amaliada and Xilokastro. The purpose of the Festival is, to introduce the public to the world's current production of documentary films, as well as, to bring the young audience in touch with the experience of the creative process, as well as the relationship between image and poetry. 

For 10 days, the public will embrace the world through 96 creations from 28 countries, with 34 pan-Hellenic premieres. During the festival, 49 foreign and 25 Greek films and 22 educational documentaries will be screened.

View the program the festival in detail here: www.peloponnisosdocfestival.com

The 2020 Messinia Pro-Am will be held from 19-22 February 2020 at "The Dunes Course" and "The Bay Course" in the world-famous Costa Navarino in Greece.

Messinia Pro-Am is an approved event of PGAs in Europe under the auspices of the PGA of Greece, the Hellenic Federation of Golf and the Hellenic Olympic Academy.

More information at: https://messiniaproam.costanavarino.com/

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are luxurious houses with gardens. They are built in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city of Kalamata.

The coastal road of Kalamata

Kalamata city in Peloponnese, in the shade of Mt Taygetos, is a typical Greek Mediterranean city, full of life, with many attractions, beaches and history!

The visitor has many things to see, from historical and cultural sites, to modern cafes, beach bars, restaurants, markets, historic buildings, a port, a summer dance festival and a pulsating nightlife.

For ten days, from 19 to 28 July 2019, leading Greek and international artists will be showing their work to art lovers from all over the world. 

See in detail the program:

The beach of Kalamata at night

Like every year, the city of Kalamata organizes a big summer party, along the Navarinou street and the city’s coastline, for residents and visitors. 

Τhe imposing Ancient Messene, one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece, spreads over a long dinstance to the western of Mount Ithomi near village of Mavrommati.

Taking up the baton from the previous 24 successful festivals, the 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival uses Time as its theme, and for 10 days brings together big names of the contemporary dance scene and the most recent artistic trends into a great celebration for dancers, visitors and the residents of Kalamata.

The 8th Flower Show of Kalamata started for another year on Saturday 11 of May 2019 and will be open to the public until Sunday 19 of May in the green and full of spring smells Municipal Railways Park.

The distinct outdoor area of the Municipal Railroad Park has been filled with ornamental plants, fruit trees, seedlings, flower pots, plant seeds and everything that will be needed from an amateur or professional gardener.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas participated in the 1st ALTE Peloponnese Tourism Exhibition, which was held from April 19 to 21 2019, in Kalamata.

The Kalamata Mediterranean Villas had its own booth at the exhibition, designed to expose the special aesthetics, the modern design & the Mediterranean architecture of the nine villas that make up the complex. Designed to offer hospitality services combined with Messinian Culture, our guests can enjoy recreational activities for acquaintance with local cuisine, outdoor activities in the Messinian nature, tasting experiences and tours with boat or with bicycles.

This Saturday 23th of March, the town of Kalamata celebrates its liberation and the first major battle in the Hellenic War of Independence of 1821.

This day, that Kalamata was liberated by the Othoman Empire troops, is still celebrated in the Messinian capital at Square of March 23 where according to tradition the Revolution was declared and the first liturgy of the liberated Kalamata took place at St. Apostoles church.

The new summer season for Kalamata's airport includes new flights to 25 cities in Europe and to Tel Aviv, Israel. It begins on February 17 and ends on November 25, 2019, and the programming is still changing as companies modify their schedule in the duration of each period.

In details, the cities that associated with scheduled flights with Kalamata are:

For seventh consecutive year, the city of Kalamata will party in carnival rhythm that will last from February 16 to March 10 2019, with a full program of events, concerts and games, while 21 carnival groups have already participated.

This year the duration for the event is extended, so that residents and thousands of visitors could enjoy more moments of carefree and frantic feast on the main streets of the city and in many parties which  will be held by dozens of cafes, bars and clubs.

Imagination and ingenuity will not be missed, since the first carnival groups have already shown their festive energy and wonderfull costumes which attracted the interest of aspiring carnivalists.

From the start of their operation, Kalamata Mediterrenean Viilas, supports in local producers who create exceptional, quality and award-winning products.

Matoula Kouvatsou and her husband are a representative example of new producers who have decided to transform completely their parents' traditional olive grove and learn the alphabet of olive from (the begging) A to (the end) Ω.

Against the convenience of our times, they managed to create a high quality product synonymous to the authentic local products of our region, the excellent virgin olive oil Alpha to Omega, which Kalamata Mediterrenean Villa's visitors could find in the mini bar of the villas.