For the past 28 years, the Kalamata International Dance Festival has been hosting the biggest dancers, choreographers and creators of the world contemporary dance scene in the capital of Messinia, Kalamata. So this year for ten days, from 15 to 24 of July 2022, leading Greek and foreign artists would lead the residents and the art lovers from all over the world, to dancing journeys through music, colours and scenes of beauty. 

With the title "Ode to Beauty", this year's program includes 26 productions, 14 foreign teams from 10 countries and 12 teams from Greece, 2 world premieres, 6 side events, an intensive professional training program, as well as a program of dance and movement workshops for different ages and population groups.


Kalamata Mediterranean Villas presents the program of the festival:


Main Stage (Dance Megaron)

The Festival opens its doors with a landmark work in the history of contemporary dance, TRIPTYCH: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor by Peeping Tom, Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartieron on 15 and 16 of July. The first international co-production of the Kalamata International Dance Festival with Sadler’s Wells, with the work Neighbors, is presented on Tuesday, July 19th. The Main Stage program concludes on 22 and 23 of July with the iconic Sonoma performance by award-winning Valencian artist Marcos Morau and the La Veronal group.

02 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou riptych the missing door the lost room the hidden floor   01 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou parastasi neighbours


Black Box (Alternative Stage of the Kalamata Dance Megaron)

The program will start with the project WHITE OUT - The conquest of the useless by Piergiorgio Milano from Italy presented on 15 of July. Then on July 16th, the work Brace by Edivaldo Ernesto from Mozambique and on 17 of July  the work VENUS un / seen by the Cypriot choreographer and artist Alexandra Waierstall. On 20 of July, in a world premiere, the play One Frame Still by Maria Doulgeri and the play Ever After by Marianna Kavallieratou. On 21 of July, Anastasia Valsamaki participates in the Festival with the play W REST L ING and on 22 of July  the play THE BOX || that dead space between us by Penelope Morut with the Cross iMPact team. Finally, on 23 of July the Hidden of the award-winning Catalan dancer and choreographer Lali Ayguadé is presented and on 24 of July , the team of Ioannis Mantafounis presents the work Scarbo.

  03 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou parastasi black box Venus un seen ALEXANDRA WAIERSTALL  04 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou parastasi black box LALI AYGUADE COMPANY HIDDEN


Dance in the city - Kalamata Central Square

Dance in the City again this year, with 13 outdoor performances in the Central Square of Kalamata, all with free admission. At the standard evening appointment at 21:00, from 16 to 23 of July.

05 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou parastasi kentriki plateia Marianna Tzouda   06 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou parastasi kentriki plateia PENELOPE MOROUT Dora Dimitriou



This year's vocational training program consists of 4 seminars and 1 masterclass at the Municipal Stadium of Kalamata, which will cover a total of 54 teaching hours.

In addition to the program for professionals, dance programs and workshops continue for the residents and visitors of Kalamata, with emphasis on all ages, the whole family and special groups. The workshops aim to strengthen the Festival's relationship with the city and to educate the public on contemporary dance and movement.

Dance and choreography workshop, for children and teenagers with title The Forest from Vitoria Kotsalou, from 8 to 12 of July at the Dance Megaron of Kalamata and presentation of their choreography on 12 of July at the Main Stage of the Megaron.Dance workshop for parents and children with the title  Ι SEE YOU SEE ME YOU from Vitoria Kotsalou, on 9 and 10 of July at the Kalamata Dance Megaron. Movement workshop for adults 50+ from Penelope Morout,  from 8 to 12 of July at Kalamata Dance Festival. Movement workshop for the disabled by Venetsiana Kalampaliki and Irini Kourouvani, from 15 to 17 of July, at the Theodoros Angelopoulos Amphitheater, in collaboration with the Center for Physical and Medical Rehabilitation of Kalamata (KEFIAP).


07 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou ergastiria Pinelopi Gerasimou  08 diethes festival xorou kalamata megaro xorou workshop for adults photo


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