Situated at the attractive town Kalamata in Messinia, Kalamata Mediterranean Villas upholds the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility through all development stages from construction to operation.

The systematic improvement of our environmental policies is one of its main goals. For that reason, Kalamata Mediterranean Villas follows a meticulously planned environmental policy to protect the environment and natural resources of the region and at the same time improve the overall quality of living.

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Kalamata Mediterranean Villas contributes to the protection of the environment in the following ways:

Systematically sets higher goals and evaluates their success with ever higher standards.

Ensures the implementation of existing environmental legislation.

Forms and implements environmental programs throughout the whole range of its activities

Systematically improves its environmental behavior and sets new targets for further improvement.

Ensures environmental awareness of all stakeholders including guests, employees, suppliers, and the local community.

Innovates in management with modern operating methods and practices.

Uses only Renewable Energy Sources as solar heating system & heat pump for the Domestic Hot Water Production as well as the Cooling and Heating of spaces.

All the lighting systems are with latest LED technology lamps with very low consumption.

All electrical appliances are over A++ energy class.

Uses only natural products and supports the primary sector by preferring local and recycled products. All our detergents & cleaning products are made from biodegradable ingredients and are totally harmless to humans and the environment, without any risk sign. Also, all linens are cleaned with anticlerical and ecological products.

As a premier luxury travel destination in Greece, Kalamata Mediterranean Villas aims to offer a world of authentic experiences, always with respect for the natural environment, the local community and the region’s rich history and culture.