The Peloponnese (Πελοπόννησος) is the stuff of legends. Literally. It is here that Hercules fought the Nemean lion and gods walked the earth, meddling in mortal affairs; it's from here that Paris of Troy eloped with Helen and the Argonauts set sail in search of the Golden Fleece. Celestial and mythological charms aside, this region bears tangible traces of the many civilisations that once called it home, witnessed in its classical temples, Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine cities, and Ottoman, Frankish and Venetian fortresses.

The very topography that kept invaders at bay for centuries – lofty, snowcapped mountains, vast gorges, sandy beaches and azure waters – now draws visitors of a very different kind. Filoxenia (hospitality) is as strong here as anywhere in the country; the food is among Greece's best; and the region's vineyards are contributing to Greece's wine renaissance. Locals claim to have the best of everything to give. And that’s no myth.

Our suggestions for excursions in Peloponnese, outside Messinia Region (noted the distance from Kalamata):


Itinerary 1st:

Ancient Olympia (113km) - Half Day excursion

01 ancient olympia

In the western Peloponnese, in the "Valley of Gods", lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the most important athletic mega-event of all times; the Olympic Games. Olympia is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Greece, and one of the most powerful brand names worldwide. Olympia is easily accessible from other areas of interest of Greece.  It is only 1,5 hour from Kalamata.

* This excursion can be full day as it can be combined with your return from Pylos and Gialova.

Itinerary 2nd:

Mystras (50 km) - Half Day excursion

02 mystras lakonia kastro

Mystras, the 'wonder of the Morea', was built as an amphitheatre around the fortress erected in 1249 by the prince of Achaia, William of Villehardouin. Reconquered by the Byzantines, then occupied by the Turks and the Venetians, the city was abandoned in 1832, leaving only the breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.

* This excursion can be full day as it can be combined with your visit to the capital of Lakonia, the imposing Sparta.

Itinerary 3rd:

Villages of Arcadia (80-100 km) - Full Day excursion

03 arcadia village

The villages of mountainous Arcadia are beautiful all year round, and it’s up to you to discover their magic. Green landscapes, incredible atmosphere, and delicious food in traditional villages, like Elliniko, Stemnitsa, Dimitsana and Vytina all lie within a relatively short distance from Kalamata.

04 agios prodromos arcadia villages

The entire area is rich with cultural and historical monuments and landmarks, and those of you who are culture-oriented will be thrilled to discover them! Visit Ancient Gortyna, right next to Lousios riverside (at a 4km distance from Atsicholo village) where there are hot springs and the sanctuary of god Asclepius; Ancient Lykosoura is the “oldest city in the world” according to Pausanias and the Sanctuary of Lykaios Zeus is located on the crest of Mt Lykaio (18km from Lykosoura).

If you prefer some action, then go skiing at the Mainalo ski centre, practice your favourite extreme sport in Lousios River or pick a hiking route and explore the countryside

Itinerary 4th:

Wineries of Arcadia & Nemea (100-130 km) - Full Day excursion

05 nemea wineries

The first reference to the wine tradition of the Peloponnese came from Homer who called it Ampeloessa, meaning "full of vines." Neither wars nor phylloxera were able to stop the production of wine here in one of the most historic wine regions of Greece. Spread throughout hillsides, plains and plateaus, the vineyards of the Peloponnese are known for their diversity and complexity. At Mantineia in Arcadia it is produced the indigenous variety of Moschofilero (white) and at Nemea the local variety of Agiorgitiko (red). Famous wineries in Arcadia are Spiropoulos and Tselepos.  In Nemea area, the best wineries are Skouras, Gaia, Lafazanis and Repanis.

- Please ask our reception for reservations   

Itinerary 5th:

Diros Cave (70 km) - Full Day excursion

06 diros cave mani

The cave of Diros, is found 70 km south of kalamata. Actually there are three caves, the Alepotrypa, Katafigi and Glyfada. This is a unique experience traveling barely a subterranean river length 1,600 m. The magic of the color, and the beautiful shapes, formed by the stalactites and stalagmites makes a unique spectacle. After the ongoing research at the cave of Diros to date, the total length reaches 6.500 meters and is still unknown the final length.

* This excursion can be done full day as it can be combined with your visit to the charming villages of Mani.

Itinerary 6th:

Monemvasia (135 km) - Full Day excursion

07 monemvasia castletown

Monemvasia, located  at the east coast of the Peloponnese, is one of the best travelling destinations in Greece and definitely not only for the summer. Apart from the well-known Kastropolitia, with its unique color and special mediaeval atmosphere, the visitor cherishes the beauty of the whole region of the Municipality which is considered to be an excellent tourist destination throughout the year.  

We recommend overnight stay in the majestic castle town.


Enjoy Peloponnese!