Digital nomads are people who engaged in remote work, from anywhere in the world. Most of them work in a wide variety of "creative" professions such as fashion, arts, web design, writing, marketing, etc.
If you work this way, or even if you can adjust your work for a short period of time, you will find many reasons to choose Kalamata and make it the office of your choice.

Holidays or work; And why not all together? Find out what Kalamata has to offer when you work on the go.

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Admirable climate

Kalamata is one of the sunniest cities in Europe and this is not surprising when one considers that the sun shines about 3.506 hours a year. With mild temperatures and a pleasant Mediterranean climate, you can almost always go out and enjoy the countryside.
Sea, mountain, city ... where do you want to go?

The natural beauty of Kalamata with the indented shores, sandy beaches, forested mountains and fertile valleys, coexists with the urban lifestyle of a big city, with a strong cultural heritage and many opportunities for fun. You will find a variety of proposals from bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theatrical performances, while you will have the opportunity for walks in shops in the city center. Admire at your leisure numerous cultural events, museums, arts, hospitable people, traditions and of course the local delicious gastronomy. A short trip to coastal or mountainous areas is enough to enjoy the calm atmosphere of nature.

Good connection to the rest of Greece and low cost of living 

The cost of living in Kalamata is significantly lower than in other European countries. You have at your disposal a multimodal transport network that allows you to travel to many parts of Greece by plane, bus or car. The ferry is also an alternative during the summer months. The distance from Athens is 239 km and the journey takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes. The distance from Thessaloniki is 715 km and the journey takes about 6.5 hours. Kalamata is connected with Athens, Thessaloniki, Munich, Stockholm, Moscow, Amsterdam, Prague, London, Milan, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna, Manchester, etc. via regular flights and charters. In addition, Kalamata is an accessible city full of life, which combines the mountain with the sea and provides easy access to important archeological sites of the Peloponnese. 

Why choose Kalamata Mediterranean Villas for your stay!

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The Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are luxurious single-family houses with gardens, built in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city of Kalamata. Designed & redeveloped with emphasis on the design & architecture of the area, with special respect for the microenvironment to ensure a high comfort of accommodation & hospitality. They were built with the most modern materials and systems, the required luxury of everyday life and always with absolute dedication to the maximum satisfaction of the visitor. Offering a unique combination of advantages, the comfort of a luxury hotel and the privacy of a home.

The Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are located near the center and the beach of Kalamata. This perfect location enable the guest to walk on foot, easily and instantly, to the city. In the Mediterranean gardens of the villas you will enjoy your morning coffee in the sun, you will work or dine among the fruit trees of the area (lemon, orange, pomegranate, etc.), aromatic plants of Taygetos, as well as cacti of the Messinian land.

The 11 fully renovated villas have aesthetic and modern mediterranean architecture & design and their operation is based solely on "green energy", so as to leave a minimal energy footprint in the environment. There is a choice of accommodation that can accommodate from 4 to 17 people.

If you are a group of digital nomads looking for an imaginary place to stay in Europe with fast internet and all the amenities, look no further! In addition to ultra fast internet connections, villas have all the necessary kitchenware, dinerware, washing machines and of course offices!

Luxury services with ΜΙΝΙ SPA & HAMMAM

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An excellent free supply of Kalamata Mediterranean Villas villas is the private hamam, a special luxury of wellness, hygiene and relaxation for our guests. Hammam (steam bath) is an amenity of Thalias Quarters, Garden Cellar, Linas Home, Tinas Home & Villa Vesta. The luxurious mini spa of Villa Mansion is a unique supply for our guests. It is a free, mental and physical relaxation amenity, when renting the entire Villa Mansion, and is available at an additional charge per day for Thalias Quarters & Angelinas Quarters rentals.

The more overnight days… higher discount!

For an extra incentive to those who wish to stay for a long time in our villas, we give through the website Digital Nomads World, of which Kalamata Mediterranean Villas is a member, additional discounts:

  • 5% for bookings up to 14 days.
  • 10% for bookings from 15 to 29 days
  • 15% for bookings over 30 days.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas were selected from the website Hellas auf Deutsch | Das Reisemag, as the best choice for digital nomads accommodation, in their respective tribute in the city of Kalamata. TRIBUTE OF DIGITAL NOMADS IN KALAMATA.

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