Our suites & villas were built with aesthetics and comfort in mind, with special emphasis on environmental protection.

We made sure that their operation achieves zero (Zeb) or nearly zero (nZeb) Energy Consumption.

As part of implementing our social & environmental responsibility program, we develop our own sustainability system and pay back the good we receive.

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From our proceeds for each stay at Kalamata Mediterranean Suites & Villas, we allocate one euro to the globally recognized Greek non-profit environmental and humanitarian organization and we entrust it with the planting of 1 tree and its care for 3 years, until it is fully grown.

Each booking results in an extra tree in areas of our planet, and this:

  • Absorbs harmful carbon dioxide daily and helps slow the rate of global warming
  • Helps restore biodiversity
  • Supports the quality of life in various communities of people
  • Helps to develop the local economy

Thus, every link of our own production chain is automatically transformed into a valuable link in the life chain of the planet.

In this way, you too can contribute to our efforts towards sustainability and responsiveness.

For the planet is home to all of us!

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