The Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are luxurious 5-star villas in the city of Kalamata, designed with a focus on people and the goal of a comfortable and maximally pleasant stay for the guest in them. They were designed & reconstructed, with special respect for the micro-environment and their operation based exclusively on "green energy". They were built with the most modern materials and the most advanced systems, the required luxury of everyday life and always with absolute commitment to the maximum satisfaction of the visitor. They thus offer a unique combination of advantages, the comfort of a luxury hotel and the privacy of a residence. They have a number of facilities such as heated swimming pools, hammam, jacuzzi, gardens, etc.

Next, we will present a parameter that we consider fundamental for visitor satisfaction. The thermal comfort conditions, based on pre-selected settings made to achieve them, which prevail within the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas throughout the year.


We can live in a wide range of temperatures and different conditions. But in some, it feels more pleasant and restful.

These are the thermal comfort conditions and they directly affect your well-being when you are at home or in other indoor spaces for several hours.

The factors that determine the ideal conditions in which thermal comfort and well-being are achieved are:

  • The ideal temperature of the air and the surfaces of the space.
  • The ideal room air humidity.
  • The ideal ventilation, the movement & the maximum cleanliness of the air inside the room.


Ideal Temperature

Pre-air conditioning of accommodation

At Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, a pre-conditioning process is systematically applied. According to it, even when the villas remain empty, the air-conditioning systems (cooling/heating) work programmed, in order to maintain the temperature conditions inside them at a satisfactory level, so that when they are occupied by guests, the ideal temperature is easily and immediately achieved.

Quality Heating in Winter (Heating)

All Kalamata Mediterranean Villas have Modern Advanced Central Heating Systems, using Heat Pumps and Fan Coils. The temperature inside the villas is by default set at a constant 22oC throughout the winter, which is considered ideal for the season and the prevailing conditions. Particularly in Greece, where most accommodations are intended for use in the summer months, Kalamata Mediterranean Villas stand out for the thermal comfort conditions they offer to their guests, winter and summer.

Cool in the Summer with continuous Air-Conditioning (Cooling)

After the climate crisis and the increase in average temperature across the planet, it is important that visitors, especially in the summer, find in the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, a refuge of ideal coolness. As in the winter, so in the summer, there is a default set temperature inside the villas at 26oC, which is considered ideal for the season and the prevailing conditions.

The visitor, winter or summer, of course, always has the possibility to adjust the temperature according to his personal preferences, but usually thanks to the pre-conditioning process performed by the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas staff, guests do not need to intervene in the air conditioning system to adjust the temperature of the space, since from the first moment of their stay, they enjoy ideal temperature conditions inside the villas.


Air Quality and Humidity

Healthy atmosphere thanks to Ventilation with Heat Recovery

The innovative Heat Recovery Ventilation systems, that Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are equipped with, serve a dual purpose. They achieve ideal air quality conditions and extract the indoor air full of dirt and moisture and bring in fresh ambient air, which they preheat at the same time, reducing humidity and ventilation losses by 93%. What does this mean;

That cleanliness, correct indoor air quality and a healthy atmosphere are guaranteed, by rejecting pollutants and germs from the space, without releasing heat (energy) into the environment, which happens when we open the windows trying to achieve the same result.

Operating in the manner described above and achieving within them, ideal temperature, ideal humidity, ideal ventilation, ideal movement & maximum air purity, the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas achieve overall Thermal Comfort, which guests desire and enjoy to the maximum.


Hot water available from the 1st second

All Kalamata Mediterranean Villas have a domestic hot water production system, consisting of a solar thermal system assisted by the heat pump on non-sunny days. This is how 100% direct supply of hot water is achieved for guests, all year round, 24 hours a day.


Digital Nomads – The Perfect Place to be

Due to the nature of their work, Digital Nomads work constantly, from anywhere on earth, often staying indoors for long periods of time.

For this reason, they are looking for a residence with a fast internet connection and as high quality living and accommodation conditions as possible, so that they can work as efficiently as possible, while at the same time enjoying a high quality of everyday life.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are the ideal choice for Digital Nomads because they not only ensure quality conditions, but ideal living & accommodation conditions.