The natural beauty of Kalamata enchants its visitors, especially during the summer months, who have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters on the extensive beach of the city 4 km length.

For those of more romantic bent, the sunsets that you can enjoy from different parts of the city are really beautiful, since the sun dives in the Ionian Sea and you have the opportunity to notice how the colors change during the West.

If you are in holiday mood or preparing for summer excursions, the photos below will convince you to enjoy the kingdom of the sun from the capital of Messinia.

Beach of Kalamata

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kalamata messinia villas summer holidays sunset

iliovasilema paralia kalamata villas summer holidays


West beach of Kalamata

iliovasilema paralia sea sun kalamata villas summer holidays


Mikra Mantineia

iliovasilema kalamata mediterrenean villas summer holidays


Port of Kalamata

limani kalamata sunset mediterrenean villas summer holidays



verga sunset iliovasilema holidays villas


Castle of Kalamata

kentro kalamata messinia villas summer holidays sunset