Messinia is one of the most beautiful prefectures in Greece. From its cosmopolitan capital Kalamata to the coastal areas of Pylo, Methoni and Koroni, with its majestic castles and enchanting landscapes, Messinia offers visitors intense emotions. Surely, those who have the opportunity to know the area are certain that they will return soon.

With the sea of Kalamata shining brightly and mountain of Taygetos rising imposingly above her, the capital of Messinia is one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Greece. Traditional but also cosmopolitan, famous for the International Dance Festival and with a renewed travel profile in recent years, Kalamata has something for everyone: a wonderful coastal zone, well-preserved neoclassical buildings, squares and pedestrian streets that are teeming with life, bike paths, important museums, big market, excellent flavors and intense nightlife. All these just 2.5 hours from Athens, thanks to the new road that makes the trip so far easy.

The proposals of Kalamata Mediterranean Villas for ideal excursions starting from Kalamata, for the summer of 2021 are:

Ancient Messina (30km) - half day excursion

 Ancient Theater Messene

Ancient Messina is one of the most important in size, shape and preservation ancient cities which you should not miss the opportunity to visit during your vacation. Choose a summer afternoon and tour Ancient Theater, Arsinoe Fountain, Stadium, Market, Asclepieion and impressive Arcadian Gate that stands majestic until today. Archaeological Museum housing some of the most important finds of the archeological site and is open for the public. Every year in archeological site take place a number of cultural events such as concerts, theatrical performances, etc.

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Pylos: Venetian castles and enchanting beaches (52 km) - full day excursion

Pylos navarino costa beach

About 50 km from Kalamata is Pylos, one of the most beautiful small towns in Messinia. Has an amphitheater built in the bay of Navarino with panoramic views of the Ionian waters, it gives the visitor the feeling that it is located in an island settlement. The sights that you should definitely visit are: Niokastro, the large and well-preserved castle built by the Ottomans and the island of Sfaktiria, which you can visit by boat. For history buffs, it should be a visit to the famous Palace of Nestor, the most well-preserved Mycenaean palace in Greek space, about 17 km north of Pylos. If you are looking for the best view of the bay of Navarino and you like hiking, it is worthwhile to reach high up to Paleokastro and the cave of Nestor below it.

As for its beaches apart from the famous Voidokilia, the area offers many options for swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian. To the north of Pylos the beaches of Chrysi Akti or Divari, Romanos and Petrochori are among the most beautiful in Messinia, with a long sandy beach in length and width with very good quality sand and imposing dunes that dominate in the background. If your time permits, make a visit to the lagoon of Gialova, at a distance of about 8 km north of Pylos. This is an exceptionally beautiful habitat that is the main migratory station of birds on their journey to and from Africa. Visit the observation stations of the Ornithological Society and walk the Nature Trail that has been created and crosses the eight important ecosystems of the lagoon.

Kyparissia: The  Mistress of Messinia (68 km) - day excursion

Kyparisia beach kalo nero

Kyparissia is the third largest city in Messinia and is located in the western part of the prefecture, on the shores of the Ionian Sea. It is divided into Upper town which is a preserved traditional settlement with old stone houses and cobblestone streets, and New or Lower town with its center the port with fish taverns. The most important attraction is the castle, which dominates the traditional settlement of the old town and offers incredible views of the Ionian Sea. Near Kyparissia you will also find a variety of wonderful beaches that satisfy all tastes (Ai-Lagoudis, Kalo Nero, Sani, Stomio etc.).

Exploring Messinian Mani - all day excursion

gios Nikolaos Mani

Αbundant nature, endless olive groves, traditional settlements, stone tower houses, hidden chapels, wonderful seas, southeast of Kalamata, a special place awaits you, made of beautiful images. Kitries, the beautiful small fishing village, 15 km from Kalamata, is considered as the gate of Messinian Mani. First stop is Kardamili, a historic seaside village and one of the most picturesque corners of the Peloponnese, 35 km southeast of Kalamata. On a hill with olive and cypress trees is old Kardamili,a ruined settlement that charms every visitor. The beach of Kardamili is Ritsa, west of the settlement, while nearby you will find the beaches of Foneas and Delfinia. Next is Stoupa with its huge sandy beach. It is a lively tourist resort that attracts many visitors every year. Next to it are the beaches of Kalogria (here Nikos Kazantzakis was inspired by the work "Life and State of Alexis Zorbas") and Halikoura. Leaving the Stoupa behind you will meet Agios Nikolaos with a beautiful harbor full of colorful boats and small boats. Impressive is the steep coast Katafygi, with flat rocks that serve as natural platforms.

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