Kalamata is the greenest Greek city - with a population of over 50,000-  according to the European Environment Agency report on "Who benefits from green in cities?" "Social inequalities in access to urban green areas in the European Union."

The report includes cities of 38 European countries, which were measured using images from the European satellite "Copernicus". The results showed the percentage of the area of cities seen from above green because of the trees.

kalamata prasini poli dentra

The report includes nine Greek cities classified according to the percentage of their urban areas covered by trees:

- Kalamata 54.4% (green at 23.2 out of 42.6 sq. Km.)

- Kavala 44.6% (green at 16.7 out of 37.5 sq. Km.)

- Patra 36% (green at 20.8 out of 57.7 sq. Km.)

- Heraklion 17.2% (green in 8.9 of the 52 sq. Km.)

- Ioannina 14.9% (green in 2.3 of the 15.5 sq. Km.)

- Athens 10.8% (green at 4.2 out of 39 sq. Km.)

- Thessaloniki 9.6% (green at 1.8 out of 19.2 sq. Km.)

- Larissa with 5.5% (green at 4.9 out of 88.3 sq. Km.)

- Volos with 4.9% (green at 1.3 from 27 sq. Km.)

The average percentage in the EU is 30%, with the highest coverage rates being in Norway (Oslo 72%, highest) and Finland, while the lowest in Malta, Iceland and Cyprus (Nicosia 4%, lowest).

In addition, Kalamata is one of the sunniest cities in Europe, with mild temperatures and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. In recent years, it has become the most sought after Greek destination, both by Europeans and by visitors from all over the world.

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