Kalamata Mediterranean Villas gives you the opportunity to experience the secrets of olive oil through a tasting experience that will be long remembered.

In collaboration with Mrs. Matoula Kouvatsou, owner and producer of Alpha to Omega award winning olive oil, we introduce you to the selection criteria of an extra virgin olive oil and its corresponding flavor combinations.

Olive oil is the only food in the world for which, except the chemical analyzes, is required to be categorized also according to its taste test. This means that it must be tested, by a certified olive oil panel through the tasting and smelling of the testers, in order to be categorized as extra virgin olive oil or inedible. Therefore, the low acidity of an olive oil is not the only criterion for a quality olive oil. The proven absence of taste defects in olive oil, such as rancid, muddy sediment, etc., which can only be diagnosed by testing, is required.

All the above will be presented to you directly from Alpha to Omega specialists, with emphasis on quality and taste. Choose the tasting experience that suits you and become an expert in olive oil.

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Experience 1st

An interactive tasting experience of olive oil. Learn about the history, its properties, old and new myths, the criteria of its taste and the delicious richness it imparts to its particular taste in other foods.
Taste the full product range of Alpha to Omega and learn its practices from the olive grove to the olive press.

Location: In our villas, or wherever you will choose.
Duration: 1,5 Hours
Price per Person: 25€
For the whole year



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Experience 2nd

Make your experience even more intense by combining tasting with a guided tour in the olive grove that produces Alpha to Omega olive oil.

Duration: 3 Hours
Price per Person: 40€
June - July - August - September







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Experience 3rd
The total experience includes tasting, guide tour in the olive grove, as well as a live presentation of the harvesting procedure. Experience the whole process with a tour in the olive grove that produces Alpha to Omega olive oil.

Duration: 6 Hours
Price per Person: 60€
November - December