Family in the garden of the Kalamata Mediterranean Vilas

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas, designed to offer moments of relaxation, comfort and luxury to people who have family & friends as the most important factor in creating the perfect holiday.

We understand that vacation time with your family is limited and for that reason it should be rich in quality only.

They are located in one of the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods of Kalamata, near the center and the beach of Kalamata. They are an ideal solution for those who wish to live in a traditional home with all the luxurious amenities of the 21st century, ensuring high comfort and accommodation.

Children play in the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas garden Children playing in the Kalamata Mediterranean Villas living room

Their design, as a warm space to be inhabited by a family or group of friends, has led to the creation of private gardens, as a separate place for relaxation, rest and play, letting your imaginations get the best of you. In the Mediterranean gardens of the villas you will find various fruit trees, all the aromatic plants of Taygetos, as well as cacti of the Messinian land. There are cozy armchairs tables where you can enjoy your breakfast or afternoon coffee and diner, while their comfortable spaces are available for your children's pleasure & entertainment.

The interiors have been designed to ensure the conditions for rest and relaxation of the occupants. Luxurious beds with very comfortable American high mattresses, stylish furniture and decor that create the family atmosphere you need.

An extraordinary addition to Kalamata Mediterranean Villas is the private Hammam, a special amenity of wellness that can be shared by the whole family.

Kalamata will offer you plenty of options to spend your holidays beautifully and quietly without feeling distant from the rhythms of the city.

Kalamata Mediterranean Villas will provide you with the perfect setting to experience and enjoy the Greek hospitality of a traditional family home, ultimately creating a life experience.