The International Jazz Festival of Kardamili has become a special "colorful" festival that fills Mani and its visitors with notes and smiles every spring for the last six years! This year it will be held from May 8 to 16.

This is an idea of Norwegian musicians, of the Sarpsborg Jazz Club Norway, who were so fascinated with Kardamili and the beauties of this small village of Messinian Mani, who created an institution and our most favorite habit, but also an occasion to visit Kardamili and indulge in the rhythms of jazz.

For the past 6 years, every Spring have become about 50 free concerts in 30 different locations from the Old School to the squares, beaches, cafes, bars and restaurants in the area.

Musicians play jazz in the streets of Kardamili  Jazz band plays music on stage overlooking the sea

The shops of the area prepared special menus, events and surprises for the participants who opened the tourist season with jazz music, in an event that advertises Messinian Mani in the best way in the world!

This year, too, a flawless multi-day music festival was organized with artists and bands from Norway, Greece, the USA, Austria, Scotland, England, Sweden and Argentina. The traditional parade of musicians and friends marked the beginning of the festival. With more musicians and from more countries with a wide variety of concerts that started early in the morning and continued until late at night.

Wherever you are and where you stand in those spring days, you hear at least one saxophone!

Participants and dates of the Jazz festival of Kardamili 2020