Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are luxurious houses with gardens. They are built in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city of Kalamata.

They were designed & renovated with:

Emphasis on the design & the architecture of the area

- Particular respect to the environment

- The comfort of the visitor’s stay and accommodation

- The most modern materials and systems

- The required luxury of daily life

And with absolute dedication to the highest satisfaction of the visitor



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Kalamata Mediterranean Villas are located in an area where the sun “smiles” 330 days a year…

kalamata mediterranean villas sun shines 330 days messinia  

 …in an area where the sea and the blue sky are prevalent elements.

kalamata mediterranean villas blue sky days messinia


Where the spectacular Taygetos Mountain and the local products are known all around the world.   

kalamata mediterranean villas taygetos mountain messinia


 …with the outstanding and modern Mediterranean architecture and design…

kalamata mediterranean villas architecture messinia


While their operation is completely based on the “green energy”
kalamata mediterranean villas green energy messinia


And all  these focusing on the human!!!
kalamata mediterranean villas human messinia


Enjoy your stay at our villas! Enjoy Kalamata and Messinia!