From the start of their operation, Kalamata Mediterrenean Viilas, supports in local producers who create exceptional, quality and award-winning products.

Matoula Kouvatsou and her husband are a representative example of new producers who have decided to transform completely their parents' traditional olive grove and learn the alphabet of olive from (the begging) A to (the end) Ω.

Against the convenience of our times, they managed to create a high quality product synonymous to the authentic local products of our region, the excellent virgin olive oil Alpha to Omega, which Kalamata Mediterrenean Villa's visitors could find in the mini bar of the villas.

For three years Matoula Kouvatsou and her team researched and trained intensively to create an olive oil-standard with innovative practices, which at each stage of the production would come against those of old growers. They began to experiment with only 100 olive trees from the family property and now cultivate a total of 4.000, among which have been added trees from local producers who entrusted them. Another innovation is also present in the packaging, since their bottle lists flavors that perfectly match with the extra virgin oil Alpha to Omega.

As a result of this effort, they won the gold medal in one of the most demanding international olive oil competitions, the Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2018.

Nowadays, extra virgin olive oil Alpha to Omega is called "Nectar" (the drink of the Gods) by many and our guests have the opportunity to create with it flavors that will make their holidays unforgettable.

Alpha to Omega olive oil