A unique experience that will introduce you to the flavors, the combinations of ingredients and the secrets of the Mediterranean diet and culture.

In collaboration with "International Center of Mediterranean Gastronomy in Kalamata"  we wish to introduce you to the Mediterranean diet and culture through a series of selected experiences in the warm and elegant space of the center.

Experience 1st: Private dining at your villa by the Chef Christo Koumanto

High quality Private Dining services in the private area of your villa (THALIAS QUARTER, GARDEN CELAR & LINAS HOME). Enjoy a unique private dining experience tailored to your gastronomic requirements. Menus include four dishes, specially selected wine and service during dinner.

Estimated charge for dinner:

2 persons= 150€/ person
4 persons= 120€/ person
more than 4 persons = 100€/person


 kentro mesogeiakis gastronomias the chef experiences kalamata villas

Experience 2nd: Cook and dine with the Chef Christo Koumanto

A unique and original experience to introduce you to the techniques and steps of preparation of special gastronomic delights. You will participate in the creation of a 4-course menu under the guidance of the distinguished Messinian Chef Christos Panagi Koumantos. Then you will enjoy the dishes you prepare, accompanied by fine wines selected and suggested by the Chef completing this unique experience!

private dining experiences kalamata villas

Experience 2nd: Private dining tailored to your requirements

High quality Private Dining services in the beautifully decorated space of the bistro or in the lush garden of the center. Enjoy a unique private dining experience tailored to your requirements, with discretion, daily, throughout the year. Menus always include the welcome, the appetizer, the first course, the main course and the dessert. 

 mathimata mageirikis kalamata villas kentro gastronomias

Experience 3rd: Private cooking lessons

You can follow private cooking lessons to evolve and deepen your knowledge in the culinary art.

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