26th Kalamata International Dance Festival is still on, with new dates! With the safety of the artists and the spectators in mind, but without losing its character, it will take place for another year with world known and emerging artists of the international dance scene from the 21st to the 30th of August 2020.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Kalamata, PHARIS and all the artists, we will present with safety a Festival adapted to the present circumstances but keeping its unique character and energy and most of all, its respect and support to dancing.

21 international and Greek productions taking place in open spaces of the city of Kalamata.

In the midst of a wider historical occasion, this year’s Festival hosts daring artists who present their work, in an attempt to talk about an aspiration for change and a revision of our relationship with Mother Nature, the Self and the Other.

Watch the video with the final Program of the 26th International Dance Festival of Kalamata


Full program of seminars that will be held at the 26th Kalamata International Dance Festival has been announced so far, with applications already underway.

Electric Matter: Professional education program of Contemporary Dance Workshops

3workshops, 1 masterclasses & 1lecture

Total: 55 hours

EDIVALDO ERNESTOEdivaldo Ernesto Dancer at the 2020 International Kalamata Dance Festival

Depth Movement Workshop

Duration: 21 - 30 August 2020

This is a seminar on how to harness energy and constantly challenge one’s limits. The class introduces a deeper approach to the performer’s personal movement vocabulary and aims to provide space for transformation and development.



Tell A Story

Duration: 21 - 23 August 2020


Jozef Frucek Dancer at the 2020 International Kalamata Dance FestivalJOZEF FRUČEK

Fighting Monkey Coordinations

Duration: 24 - 25 August 2020 







Linda Kapetanea at the International Dance Festival of Kalamata 2020LINDA KAPETANEA


Fighting Monkey Practice - From The Other Side

Duration: 26 - 29 July 2020 | 3hours

This class focuses on the basic attributes of the human body, such as weight, elasticity, strength, and density, and how to use them in simple or more complex situations of speed and momentum.


Lecture Jozef Fruček

Risk and uncertainty - Fundamental aspects of human development