Explore the Gialova lagoon, a real bird paradise, where more than 270 species of birds could be observed. Moreover, thousands of birds, flying to Africa in the fall, stop in the lagoon to rest and "refuel" for the last time before the 3,000 km long journey over the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert .

The lagoon of Gialova is, by far, the best place for birdwatching in the Peloponnese. The lagoon is located at the northern end of Navarino Bay and includes many wetlands. It covers an area of ​​700 hectares that is full of natural beauty and habitats. Due to the diversity of flora and fauna and the presence of some of the rarest species of birds and animals, Gialova Lagoon was declared a protected area in 1997.

The lagoon is mainly used for the monitoring and observation of birds by tourists. In the lagoon of Gialova you will find over 270 species of birds, including 79 protected species.

The best time to visit for bird watching is between September and March, when the variety of bird species is greater. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to observe and photograph the most different species of birds.