News & activities of the area

First day of Orthodox Lent, a time of family togetherness, kite-flying and distinctive meals embracing the bounty of the sea and the gifts of the earth: octopus, squid, mussels, shrimp, olives, spring onions, radishes, lagana (unleavened bread), halva (tahini-based sweet confection) and the ubiquitous taramosalata (salty, fish-egg spread).

Clean Monday is a public holiday and usually includes a nature excursion with family and friends. It marks the end of Halloween and usually falls in late February or early March.

A local tradition in Methoni involves the annual revival of an actual 14th century wedding, which became a legend not only because of the many years that passed before the couple could tie the knot but also the unprecedented festivities that followed. From that time on, such grand and exuberant celebrations came to be described as being "like Koutroulis’ wedding".

The day that Kalamata was liberated by the Othoman Empire troops is still celebrated in the Messinian capital. At the historical center and the St. Apostoles church, every year takes place the historical representation of the occupation of the city that day back at 1821.

Churches in Messinia, as throughout Greece, celebrate the Annunciation – the revelation by the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would bear Jesus, the Son of God. The Feast of the Annunciation is observed nine months before Christmas Day. Also the same day, allover Greece take place fests and parades for the Greek Liberation, after 400 years of Turkish occupation in Greece.