News & activities of the area

This is a documentary film festival with emphasis on international documentaries - with tributes, parallel events, educational zone, seminars and masterclasses

The main Festival takes place in Kalamata, during the last ten days of January and part of the program is screened in 8 other cities of Peloponnese.

Of all the actions during the year, the goal of the festival is to get the unfamiliar audience in touch with the cinematographic documentary genre. Priority, is the young audience to get in touch with the documentary and get involved actively and creatively with it, giving them the first motive to create their own productions.

New Year’s Day (protochronia) celebrations are even more festive than Christmas since they are a major gift-giving occasion. A special cake (vassilopita), concealing a good-luck coin, is served in memory of St. Vasilios, one of the forefathers of the Greek Orthodox Church remembered for his kindness and generosity.

On the morning of New Year’s Day the master of the house breaks a pomegranate just inside the entrance door, so that all its seeds burst out, spreading everywhere to bring good luck.

The Baptism of Christ is celebrated with the blessing of the waters. A priest throws a cross into the sea and young men dive into the chilly waters to retrieve it. The one who succeeds receives a special blessing and becomes the hero of the day. The focal point of events is the Church of the Ascension on the west coast of Kalamata and the port of Kalamata.