The International Jazz Festival of Kardamili has become a special "colorful" festival that fills Mani and its visitors with musical notes and smiles!

Over the last 6 years, each Spring take place more than 50 free concerts in 30 different locations, squares, beaches, cafes, bars and restaurants in the area.

The beautiful shops are preparing several events, special menus and surprises for the participants who open the jazz tourist season in an event that advertises the Messinian Mani in the best way, all over the world!

This is a multi-day musical feast with interesting jazz musicians and groups from Norway, Greece, USA, Austria, Scotland, England, Sweden and Argentina.

So, every spring they return to Mani, with more musicians from more countries, with a wide variety of concerts starting early in the morning and lasting until late at night.

Wherever you are and where you stand those days you will hear at least one saxophone!